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Pastor Tracy did a series on "The Seven Churches of Asia"

You can listen to them all below:

Ephesus:Part 1- youtu.be/zp0QSYqBMfA
Ephesus: Part 2- youtu.be/Y4alk04-ZJQ

Smyrnia: youtu.be/e635s34x9X0

Pergimos: youtu.be/D96mpfDSX0c

Thyatira: youtu.be/E4f_BdbxB7U

Sardis: youtu.be/8-XgXR4JKWc

Philadephia: youtu.be/e_usCwktW8c

Laodicea: youtu.be/PgxUqYzDyVE
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Seven Churches of Asia

As church and individuals, we can see ourselves in these seven churches. What does Jesus see when He looks at us as members of the global church, national church, local church and as members of the church? What does He admire and respect? What does He dislike or even hate? What commendation and recommendations does He make?

Watch here: m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=907180353403461&id=207011609433247
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