Title Audio
2020-03-15-PM My refuge A place of Power.mp3
2020-03-15-AM My refuge.mp3
2020-03-08-PM IdentityTheft.mp3
2020-03-08-AM I Can.mp3
2020-03-01-PM I am a Faithful Servant.mp3
2020-03-01-AM Leap Year.mp3
2020-02-23-PM I am a bondservant.mp3
2020-02-23-AM Postion to transition.mp3
2020-02-16-PM I am a servant.mp3
2020-02-16-AM Living in peace.mp3
2020-02-09-PM Pursue.mp3
2020-02-09-AM Bro. McNair.mp3
2020-02-02-PM I am a Soldier.mp3
2020-02-02-AM VIsion.mp3
2020-01-26-PM I am Born again.mp3
2020-01-18-PM Go in the flow.mp3
2019-12-22-Am Out of Season Garry Tracy.mp3
2019-12-15-PM I am holy.mp3
2019-12-15-AM Jesus is Peace.mp3
2019-12-08-PM I am eternal.mp3
2019-12-08-AM Jesus is Joy.mp3
2019-12-01-PM I am Hope.mp3
2019-12-01-AM Jesus Is...mp3
2019-11-24-PM I am a Priest.mp3
2019-11-24-AM I am a King.mp3
2019-11-17-AM I am Anointed.mp3
2019-11-10-PM They said BUT God said.mp3
2019-11-10-AM Revelation in your storm.mp3
2019-11-03-AM I am the salt and light.mp3
2019-10-27-AM I am the temple of God.mp3
2019-10-20-PM Hey what's going on tomorrow.mp3
2019-10-20-AM I am His Vessel.mp3
2019-10-13-PM Relationship Road Part 10.mp3
2019-10-13-AM I am the Vessel.mp3
2019-10-06-PM Relationship Road Part 9.mp3
2019-10-06-AM I am a Laborer.mp3
2019-09-29-AM I am His.mp3
2019-09-22-AM I am His sheep.mp3
2019-09-22-PM Relationship Road Part 8.mp3
2019-09-08 I Am in Christ.mp3
2019-09-01-AM I am a True Worshiper.mp3
2019-08-25-PM Relationship Road Part 7
2019-08-25-AM I am Strong Part 3
2019-08-18-AM I am the Branch Part 2
2019-08-11-PM Relationship Road Part 6
2019-08-11-AM I am the Message
2019-08-04-PM Relationship Road Part 5
2019-08-04-AM Do It Part 7
2019-07-28-PM Relationship Road Part 4
2019-07-28-AM When Part 6
2019-07-21-PM Relationship Road Part 3
2019-07-21- AM How Part 5
2019-07-14-AM What Part 4
2019-07-07-PM Relationship Road Part 2
2019-07-07-AM Who Part 3